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School Bookings

Snow Maze Field Trips

$16.00 per student + GST

2.5 hour field trip experience: Snow Maze, Snow Tubing, indoor lunch/warmup area, team building games, campfire time, and a sleighride

Available: February (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

* all activities are outdoors.   Full winter attire is recommended: ski pants, winter boots, winter jacket, toque, face covering, winter mitts.



Corn Maze Field Trips

We love helping you provide a great field trip for your students!

 The cost is $15.50 per student +GST 

You get 1 free supervisor for every 6 kids.

 We offer a 3 hour time period.

11:00-2:00 in the summer and 10:30-1:30 during the fall are typical time frames.

Your day would look something like this:

11:00              Arrival

11:00-12:00 Corn Maze

12:00-12:30 Lunch (bag lunch or bring along food to cook on the propane BBQ)

12:30-2:00   Group activities (hayride, petting zoo, bale pyramid, team building games, and Campfire time…(we provide the wood and you may bring along the roasting sticks & supplies to make smores)

 If you would like to book with us, please send along the following information to confirm your booking:

  • Contact name and phone number:
  • Group name:
  • Time frame:  11:00-2:00 or 10:30-1:30
  • Approximately how many kids: _______ age or grade: ____
  • Bag lunch, BBQ, and/or canteen:
  • Campfire Yes____ or No ____

Things for the kids to remember to bring:

-          -dress for the weather of the day as everything is outdoors

-         - wear runners or rubber boots if it is muddy (please check the website for daily updates:

-          -wear a hat and bring sunscreen

-         - bring a water bottle (it is handy if the centre brings a large water cooler that the kids can refill from-we can then refill your large container at the Snack Shack)

-         - bring bug spray

-         - canteen is available

Please keep in mind that we are very weather related.  Therefore, please have a backup plan in place in case we have to cancel due to rain.   There is no charge for cancelling. 

I will contact you the day or 2 before your event to confirm the number of attendees and we can also take a closer look at the weather predicted for that day.


Fill out the form below to request a school booking!


2023 Snow Maze Field Trips

$17 + GST per person

Available Thursdays & Fridays 

2 hour timeframe: 

  • 1/2 for the Snow Maze
  • 1/2 hour for Snow Mountain - we provide toboggans
  • 15 minute sleigh ride
  • 15 minute warm up - bring along a snack
  • 15 minute snow game
  • 15 minute snow game
  • All activities are outdoors * full winter attire is required:                   ski pants, winter jacket, snow boots, toque, winter mitts, and a neck warmer/scarf.