The Corn Maze opens August 2024

Group Bookings

Snow Maze Season 

We offer 2 private group sites that can be reserved for your group. Your site includes a bonfire with fire wood and picnic tables. Your guests will pay regular admission (groups of 25 or more save $1 each) in addition to the group site rental fee of $25 per hour.

Private group sites offer a great space to gather together after you've enjoyed the snow maze and carvings, the giant luge, snow mountain and the snow bar. Warm up around your own bonfire, roast some hot dogs or make s'mores (bring your own food and hand wipes as needed).

Most groups spend about 2 hours here, one hour to explore the maze etc and then their final hour at the group site.

To book, email with your group info and requested date/time. We will get back to you to confirm your reservation.



Corn Maze Season

Our group sites are a great place to host your next family gathering, celebration, sports team wind up or just get together with friends!

Group sites can be booked in advance and include a bonfire pit with wood, bbq, picnic tables, & a food table.  Group sites are $25 to rent

Group Booking Information

A Maze in Corn is host to many groups of various sizes.  There is something for all ages to enjoy.  Groups usually spend about 2 to 3 hours here.  A group site is a great gathering place. You can meet back at the site after being separated in the maze!  You can mix and mingle around the bonfire, BBQ some food, sing some songs, or just sit and relax in the country setting.  The group site includes: a propane BBQ, a table for food, picnic tables, a bonfire pit with wood. You are welcome to bring along lawn chairs.  The sites are out in the open, so please keep Mother Nature in mind when you are planning your event. 


 Booking information that would be required: 

Phone number:

  • Please indicate a phone number that we can reach you at the day of your event.
    • Therefore, a weekend number if your event is on the weekend
  • We will call you if it is raining here and we have to cancel/close due to rain
  • We will also call you if the trails are muddy. Then, it is up to you as to whether or not you would like to come in the mud!


Arrival time:

  • Groups usually spend 2 to 3 hours here.
  • Therefore, please select an arrival time based on your 3 hour event
  • For example, 11:00-2;00, 2:30-5:30, 7:00-10:00
  • Please have your group meet in front of the admission booth
  • Once you are all there, please come up as a group. This is very helpful to our admission staff.
    • We can explain everything to everyone at the same time and show you your site
    • Give you the tickets if you want any of the extras
    • This is very helpful to us, as we get a lot of groups and want to manage them efficiently



  • Includes: Access to our venue, The Corn Maze, The Petting Zoo, and The Bale Pyramid
  • Please keep in mind that there is an admission per person past the gate


Group Payment

  • If you would like to pay as a group, please have a guest list.
    • Please provide a list, see example below
    • 2 copies would be great, 1 for each admission booth
    • Only include the information that your group is paying for


(Group Name & Date)









(alphabetically please)

#        of ages 13 +

 #         of ages  4-12 


Pony rides





Masse, Angie


















Extra Activities:

  • The hayrides and pony rides ($4.00 per rider) operate from 1:00-5:00 on Saturday & Sunday
  • The Sunflower Expo is $8.00 additional to admission
  • The Haunted Forest is $35.00 ages 13+, $33.00 ages 4-12 plus GST
    • this includes the general admission
    • $5.00 off during the day 3:30-5:30 
    • Operates: Thursday to Sunday in October
  • The pumpkin barn has pumpkins for sale and a pumpkin train ride with a pumpkin purchase           

  Group site:

  • The group sites are $25.00 to rent 
  • They have a propane BBQ, wood for the bonfire, a white table for food, stumps around the campfire, and some picnic tables
  • If you have a large group, it is always nice to bring some lawn chairs
  • You are welcome to bring your own food when you have your own site
  • Please bring your own roasting sticks, BBQ utensils, and a BBQ lighter
  • There is a garbage can at your site and recycling at the Snack Shack
  • You are given the group site area for the 2-3 hour time period that you are here for your event
  • Please ensure all garbage is cleaned up, especially juice box wrappers. We don’t want it flying into the animal’s pen.
  • Please keep in mind that everything is outdoors! The wind can be a challenge. Therefore, keep everything in containers so it won’t fly away on you
  • If it is too windy, then, unfortunately, we will not be able to have the campfires



  • We are very weather related! Everything is outdoors!
  • Have a plan B ready to execute in case we have to cancel due to rain
  • Please plan for the wind. Anchor your food down!
  • Have the kids wear old shoes and have rubber boots on standby if it muddy
  • Dress Warm!
  • If you are coming in the evening , please remember to bring a FLASHLIGHT


Site Rules:  Please and thank you!

  • We love animals, but no outside pets allowed
  • No piñatas
  • No balloons (a balloon can fly away and really spook the horses giving the hayrides or pony rides)
  • No bonfires if it is really windy


Helpful Tips:

  • If parents are dropping off, have them park, and then meet you at the admission booth
  • If parents want to stay for the party, please advise them of the admission price
  • If you are starting at 11:00, do all of the activities and then end with the horse activities
  • Kids under 10 should have an adult with them
  • Younger children like the maze during the day, older children like the challenge of it being dark
  • It is best to keep your party to 2 to 3 hours – that way they stay busy the entire time!
  • Skip the decorations! It is an outdoor party!! And the wind ...can rain on your parade!
  • The group sites can be far from the parking lot...therefore think about what you are bringing and how you are going to carry it there J we do have wagons that you may come and get from the Admission booth to hall your stuff. ...kindly return once unloaded, so that another group may use them.


Please make sure your group has our website address so that they can check the Daily Updates for trail conditions or closures.


Our directions are very simple.  We are located 10 minutes south of the Perimeter Hwy on St. Mary’s Road on the east side. If you get to the town of St. Adolphe have gone too far! 


If you need a map, it is best to use google maps, not a GPS system.  (They do not send you to the right place)

We hope you have a successful event!!


If you interested in a date, please send along a booking request below: