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About Us

A Maze in Corn is family owned and operated.  Clint and Angie Masse created A Maze in Corn in 1998.  Clint is a man with many ideas and Angie is willing to go along with them!  They have a great working relationship...and are still happily married!  Clint is the man behind the scenes, doing all of the farming, building, and financial planning.  Angie is the hostess.  She is the one that answers the phone, helps you plan your event, and then organizes you once you are here.


Both of their extended families help out at A Maze in Corn.  Clint’s dad owns and operates the Clydesdale horses (Bar 32 Horse Drawn Ventures) and has taught Clint all of his farming trades as well as sharing farming equipment.  Clint’s mom, loves flowers and pumpkins, and therefore decorates both areas.  Angie’s mom is the Snack Shack coordinator.  She keeps everyone well feed and loves to plant flowers too!  If you are related to the Masse’s or a close friend, then chances are they have worked here too!

Then, along came Angie and Clint’s 2 boys.  They have been a part of the corn maze since birth either sitting in a stroller or having their naps in the barn.  Now, they are old enough to start taking on roles of their own: mowing the grass, growing sweet corn, feeding the animals, and filling in wherever needed.  

As for all of the other 100 employees, they are like family too!  Every year, at the Corn Maze wind up, Angie and Clint always comment about how they have had the best staff ever...and each year seems to meet or exceed the previous one.  Thus, they continue to grow their extended family!  ...Because, once you have worked at A Maze in Corn...you are always a part of the Corn Maze family!